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Completed deals are all about first matching Offers and Requests.

If there is a potential match then the next step is to delve deeper and see if the match measures up to requirements.

The below Offers and Requests are just as received and are purely a first step in seeing if what you have or require potentially matches with what we and our connections have available.

** NOTE** These are simple brief overviews and not intended as the complete information on an offer or request, which will be explored more if a potential match occurs.

All posts are subject to our terms and conditions at the base of this webpage, so please ensure due diligence is completed.

You can include your Offer or Request by submitting a compliance form for review. If suitable we will include below. 

If you can see a potential match, please contact us at OR by one of the many contact methods by clicking the
'contact us' bubble on the bottom right of the page.

Offers Received

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Requests Received

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