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  • What is Deal Direct Group?
    Deal Direct Group provides a Platform for INFORMATION PURPOSES for its members to negotiate transactions in a wide range of high volume fields and provide a range of innovative ONLINE Business Opportunities
  • With which type of products and services does Deal Direct Group provide information for on its website?
    Any legal high ticket products or services and any legal high volume offers or requests from a variety of markets. Each request or offer is dealt with on a case by case basis to determine its credibility in progressing with a transaction for its members. We also offer members a range of innovative projects, products etc. for consideration which can be helpful pending closure of larger transactions.
  • Does Deal Direct Group have its own connections?
    Yes, we have a wide range of direct connections for which we can act as an Introducer to suitable interested parties.
  • In which markets does Deal Direct Group trade?
    In all safe markets globally, mainly USA and Western European. Absolutely no financial instrument/securities/real estate type transactions are ever conducted by Deal Direct Group within the New Zealand market, as the relevant licences are required. We also only ever act as an Introducer of parties via Deal Direct Group for which we would be due a fee and are never involved as Principals in such latter transactions anywhere globally.
  • How are transactions conducted?
    By placing Principals together to negotiate as quickly as possible with all involved parties standing aside and being paid ideally from ONE Paymaster Group from the closed transaction. This is facilitated via our Deal Direct Group Virtual Offfice or other communication method.
  • Do you have to have experience to be a member of Deal Direct Group?
    No not necessarily, but it will depend on the offer/request posted as to the experience required.
  • What happens if a member is arrogant,doubts our credibility and/or not professional in their dealings with Deal Direct Group"
    Deal Direct Group will immediately delete them from their database.
  • What happens if the member is dealing in anything illegal or uses any form of threatening behaviour to Deal Direct Group or its members?
    They are immediately deleted from the Deal Direct Group database and at the full discretion of Deal Direct Group reported to the relevant authorities.
  • What is the cost to join Deal Direct Group?
    Either FREE ...or you can pay a subscription for our Virtual Office which include a share of commissions based on a pro-rata share of submitted deals via our DD Forms (ask for more info).
  • Does Deal Direct Group deal with any transactions with UPFRONT FUNDS?
  • Does Deal Direct Group have any involvement with Principals for offers or requests available via its website or directly?
    Absolutely not. If there is any formal legal involvement then this will be expressly advised at the time of presentation.
  • What happens if a Principal is promoting something illegal or fraudulent
    Deal Direct Group is an Introducer only. We are not privy to exact dealings of a Principal or their intermediaries. While we will generally conduct standard due diligence checks, it is the interested Principals' full responsibility to conduct their own due diligence, especially prior to movement of any funds.
  • What will happen if a party tries to associate our Company with another Principal, Organisation or Intermediary which subsequently turn out to be operating in an illegal/fraudulent fashion."
    We will instruct our Lawyers accordingly to take action for any libel or slander situations from any party trying to falsely associate our Company with another entity with which we have no legal formal involvement.
  • What is JUST DIRECT?
    JUST DIRECT is an initiative of Deal Direct Group Ltd. and is designed to put together ONLY Principals, Mandates, Authorized Representatives or those DIRECT to their Clients/Principals. This is NOT for intermediaries. There is a qualification online form to join JSUT DIRECT at JUST DIRECT members have the exclusive privilege of the following: 1. A private WhatApp group for all JUST DIRECT members 2. Access to our Blog for DIRECT only deals 3. JUST DIRECT Forum for general infomation and on scams/blackists 4. Access to our Virtual Offices
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