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Deal Direct Group Latest Offers & Requests sent DIRECT to your Computer Desktop OR your
Mobile Phone
as they arrive!

It is as SIMPLE as clicking
'Allow' below and that's it!

1 Click and you may have a match for one of our Offers or Requests!

If you prefer to get the notifications on your Mobile Phone, rather than the Desktop Computer then simply open this page of the website on your Mobile Phone in your Chrome Browser, click 'Allow' and then all new Offers & Requests will show up in Notifications on your phone.

Get the Latest Offers & Requests to your Inbox

Don't miss out on LIMITED TIME Offers





There are multiple ways you can keep updated on Offers/Requests and/or show interest with Deal Direct Group as follows:


  • You can check on ‘Latest Offers’ on our top toolbar

  • You can check on ‘Quick Submit and Follow Up’ on our top toolbar. This submits your request, offer or what you are interested in PLUS follows up with you automatically to keep you connected with us and so we can keep you updated

  • You can get Offers and Requests sent to your inbox. Just go to ‘MatchMyDeal Submit’ and then on the drop down (Select Offers/Requests to send to my Inbox, click the arrow and select ‘Please send ALL Offers/Requests to my Inbox. This will search the database and give a summary of what is available.

  • You can fill out the ‘yellow box’ above which puts you on our website database from where we send out periodic updates

  • We have a scrolling box on our website which will put up a selection of offers and requests as we receive them

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