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Join with us and partake in MicroJVs.

We consider these to be an important inclusion in our portfolio as it allows our Members to potentially have an income stream while waiting for any larger transactions to close.

LIMITED numbers per Micro JV and starting amounts to be involved from just US$100 only (or equivalent currency)!

We minimize risk by purchasing products etc. DIRECTLY from a Seller and not using 3rd party unknown sources and avoiding scams.

Due to some low investment amounts, products purchased could be everyday products with a prompt in and out profit making purchase e.g. vehicles etc. often using suitable auction websites to secure profit.

MicroJV is
TOTALLY PASSIVE and hands-off and we do the trading on behalf of the MicroJV Project Participants. This has been done deliberately to keep this as SIMPLE as possible.
How it works:

1. You sign up for a FREE Paypal (PP) account (if you do not already have one)

2. You complete the general MicroJV Application Form below and indicate your preferences and desired funding amounts

3. Once there  is a MicroJV of interest and there is space to enter then, if you want to participate in the MicroJV, you complete the MicroJV designated application form (will be supplied for each MicroJV project) giving full details of the Micro JV in which you will be participating. Submission of the Application forms/ completes our MicroJV agreement and is subject to receipt of your funding amount via Paypal (PP).

4. You send the relevant funding amount to our Paypal (PP) address at

5. We update you on MicroJV projects from start to finish via a designated WhatsApp and/or our Facebook Deal Direct Group

6. When a profit is realised from a completed MicroJV deal then the principal amount and profit are sent to YOUR Paypal (PP) account and this will complete the MicroJV project. You can optionally then choose to invest in another MicroJV project.
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