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So, who exactly are we DIRECT to?


The below are a sampling of our connections:


  • DIRECT... to person DIRECT to Trader for Leased Instruments @ 16% + fees..NO UPFRONT FEES (VRLI)

  • DIRECT... to BTC US Seller Mandate Escrow procedure (ABWA)

  • DIRECT... to UK Trade Group (DRWA)

  • DIRECT... to European Trader with partner retired VP of Top Bank and 3 x Tier 1 Trade Platforms (DVCWA)

  • DIRECT... to World Bank Gold Buyer (VBWA)

  • DIRECT... to Carbon Credits Seller

  • DIRECT... to POF Service operating since 2005

  • DIRECT the Senior Compliance Officer within the Platform who deal with a wide range of Banks. They will accept files of Monetizing/Trading and Project Funding over the amount of 100M. (TNWA)

  • DIRECT the Mandate for a top US Fed Platform who can monetize and trade over amounts of 100M (MTWA)

  • DIRECT the Official European Representative for a world renowned family who offer instruments for purchase and leasing (PTEM)

  • DIRECT the Representative for a Tier 1 Trading Platform (DBEM)

  • DIRECT the Mandate for a Swiss Monetizer (MRWA)

  • DIRECT Platform Representative (Retired Trader)(CRWA)

  • DIRECT multiple Project Funders

  • DIRECT multiple SBLC Providers and Representatives

  • DIRECT Leased Instrument Monetizer (Feb 22 start) (ABWA)

  • DIRECT Platform Representative for Trading (ABEM)

  • DIRECT Buyer Representative for Corporate or MTN purchase (VWA)

  • DIRECT European Trader Representative (IPEM)

  • DIRECT Bitcoin Mandate (DSWA)

  • DIRECT Banking Group (PMSKY)

  • DIRECT Historical Bond Private Buyer Representative (LEEM)

  • DIRECT Lawyer with DIRECT Deutsche Bank Trade Desk (NPWA)

  • DIRECT Mandate for GPI Receiver (CJWA)

  • DIRECT ... Receiver Representative for all card/pos ONLINE  and all GPI IPIP AND MT (MMSKY)

  • DIRECT ... Buyer with credit line at Top Bank (Feb start)...MTNs and Corporate Paper purchasing (VLWA)


We have many more sources, so the best idea is to fill out an online request form and we will see how we can assist.

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