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Direct to Direct (D2D)

Many deals simply do not progress from the starting point because there are simply too many brokers on one side or both sides of a transaction.

To allow a deal to progress, the easiest way is for Brokers/Intermediaries up to the Principal to allow access to a trusted central party who co-ordinates both Principal parties or their Mandates to be connected.

We are proposing that we are the central party, simply due to ou comprehensive tools and credibility amongst our many sources.

If you are prepared to do this then you simply complete the Form below together with the
Broker Form to list the brokers to be compensated on your side. We then arrange to co-ordinate the connection, therefore giving the deal the best chance of success. 

At the appropriate point we will supply the Paymaster for paying fees to the Principal or their Mandates and then fee distribution would be made on deal closure to all relevant parties.

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