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Please submit your 'Easy Submit' Offer or Request below for consideration.

This is 
STAGE 1 of our Due Diligence process which will ascertain if we have a potential match for your Offer or Request with our DIRECT sources from review of this Online Form submission.

If there is a likely match then we will send you
STAGE 2 of our Due Diligence process which will include more detailed online requirements/details via our STAGE 2 Online Form plus Geneaology/Fee Protection Forms.

The next  
STAGE 3 is for Deal Direct Group Ltd., after Stage 2 completion and acceptance, is to provide a TWU (Transaction Write-Up) so that it is totally clear to the Client on the Offer or Request before it is submitted to the relevant Principal for consideration and/or to a Platform for official compliance.

STAGE 4  is for consideration of the Offer with a Buyer/Investor OR the file is submitted and placed in compliance awaiting approval at a Platform.
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