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Conference calls can be challenging to co-ordinate and can make or break a transaction. It all depends on who and how many people are involved in trying to organise the Conference Call.

Too many people trying to organise a call or too many people on a call are the critical points to get right in setting up a Conference Call and turning it from a potential failure into a positive scenario.

Basically, less is best when trying to organise a Call and it is better that Co-ordinators for the calls are if possible on the same or similar time zones to the Mandates or Principals they are trying to connect.

If there is too much confusion or time delay then the key parties will quickly lose interest.

To make this simpler and to aid this process, we have provided below
TWO conference call facilities, as well as using the popular Zoom and WhatsApp options.

Once you are ready to organise a conference call, please complete the Online Form below. This we request from both sides and then co-ordinate so we get the best timing and result for all.
ScreenHunter_351 Apr. 29 14.24.jpg
We have a professional Mobile Call Centre system which allows us to conference call with contacts and external connections. This is as simple as calling into our Deal Direct Group USA number +1 972 200 3622 and we will connect the relevant parties on to the call. The security and sound are extremely good using this method and the system has been well tested over a long time.
ScreenHunter_352 Apr. 29 14.37.jpg
This is a SIMPLE dial in conference call system where just a time is set and you can call in from any of the wide range of telephone numbers listed below. Just use our unique access code when calling into the service and you will be connected with the other parties on the call
Deal Direct Group FREE conference call system
Access code: 3715553
USA: +1 701-802-5405
Spain: +34 872 50 31 99
UK: +44 330 606 0403
Australia: +61 7 5660 6012
New Zealand: +64 9-884 4777
Singapore: +65 3138 9257
Netherlands: +31 97 05 500 1844
Italy: +39 06 4520 0644
Ireland: +353 1 437 3270
Germany: +49 221 98882119
France: +33 7 56 75 00 36
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