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We all know that dealing face to face, eyeball to eyeball, and being able to view the other person you are dealing with is the most effective way of doing business. This is especially the case when doing high value transactions.


It is also known that due to time constraints we will, as long as the source is credible, all go with the path of least resistance and deal with those we know and trust and are at hand. Many transactions start just by making contact with someone you may not have talked to for some time and suddenly they introduce to you a really good offer or what if those people were in your own Online would be talking with them and getting those offers and requests more regularly...correct?...and then close more deals!


It is difficult on a standard social media platform as you can only go on the text which is being written and a photo. While there are many genuine posters, we all know the photo in a posting could be fake to give appearances of a professional entity and you do not know who is behind the posting. Until now however that has been the only option that has been available to us.


With Deal Direct Group the people you are dealing with will have gone through our Online Application process, so this helps to narrow down the real and serious people and another reason we make a small charge for these services is we can see who is serious and prepared to invest in themselves and their own business.


Deals are difficult enough, so this initiative we hope will make deals a little easier to close.


So, what Deal Direct Group has now introduced is an Online Graphical Digital Office Platform to its arsenal for conducting business with trust, transparency, honesty and integrity.


Here you can circulate graphically among other Partners in our Office, use the Online Office facilities, Audio and Video call for no extra cost to the Partner pricing, screen-share, share documents and use whiteboards for any presentation.


Yes, we know very well we are allowing our connections to interact with each other, however our application process ensures, as much as possible, that we all deal with people of trust, honesty and integrity to achieve a mutual end goal.


We even put aside a percentage of commission for all to share on the Platform, whether you are directly involved or not in the transaction.


So, this must cost correct?


Yes, because we have the cost of a 3rd party Platform and we need to know you are serious about investing in yourself.  

An INSTANT Partner Position is less than the cost of a Coffee per day, which GUARANTEES your position, if your application is accepted, in the Digital Office Platform.


We also offer a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL if preferred, however preference with limited positions is given to PAID Partners.


Positions are VERY LIMITED due to the constraints of our 3rd party Digital Office Platform, so if you want to progress, please ask us for our link which contains the information and online application form.


This could be a really beneficial decision for you, so don’t delay and make an application.


The Digital Office officially opens on the week commencing the 5th. April  2021....advance applications being taken now with INSTANT Partner applications being prioritised over FREE Trials.


A summary of some of Deal Direct Group Features:


  • High security end to end encryption file sharing with password protection and limited time files to avoid file shopping

  • Secure email address

  • You can securely upload documents to us

  • We use the 3rd party HubSpot platform to track all communications on transactions

  • Automated MatchMyDeal software to match offers and requests

  • Confidential posting of offers and requests without revealing confidential details. Only come forward once there is interest in your Offer or Request

  • Online Digital Graphical Office for Face to Face dealing for more transparency. Featuring free calling , video, screen share, whiteboard and ability to be a presence in the Online Office to pick up new deals. Sign in and out of the Digital Office as required...just like going to work in a real office. Have a conversation with anyone on the Office Platform at the time

  • Commission share on deals with which you have no direct involvement as a PAID Partner.

  • Multiple due diligence forms

  • Corporate Paymaster availability

  • Our own additional ‘Zoom like’ Platform for presentations etc. for larger numbers as required

  • You can post any of your offers or requests on our Latest Deals in confidentiality




Click 'Join Now' below and set up in the Online Office and wait to meet with other Partners!

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