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MatchMyDeal is now operational and ready to match automatically Offers with Requests
This will totally transform the way Deals are matched/transacted in unlimited market categories and will automate the whole process via complex databasing. 
This will allow for Offers and Requests to be placed confidentially prior to matching with a range of due diligence information and also automated advice sent DIRECT to email too when a 'match' occurs, to enable more transaction closures and to weed out scams.
Here is what you will now be able to do:
  • Any Member can now submit any Offer or Request on a wide and increasing range of categories here 
  • Not a Member? No problem....just join for FREE at this link when you have an Offer or Request ready to submit.
  • Provide as much information as possible on your Offer or Request for due diligence purposes. Any further information received on our Submission Forms will be added to the Offer or Request. If you have any files send them here or to together with any reference number/s from the Latest Deals page. We will place these files alongside the Offer or Request.
  • There are TWO key elements in this website development. First is you can PERSONALLY as a free member submit unlimited Offers and Requests in total CONFIDENTIALITY. As no personal details on placed on the Latest Deals page, everything is handled by reference numbers pending a match. Second is that an automated email will be sent to Buyer, Seller and us if there is a MATCH in the database from submissions. There is no time limit here and for example it could be a few weeks later from your posting you could get an automated email to advise of a potential match for your Offer or Request. Thirdly, you will get an automated email every time and Offer or Request is placed to enable you to go and check if it is of interest.
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