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Deal Direct Group is a Platform for introducing Principals of high volume/high ticket value LEGAL products e.g. Commodities and a whole range of Import and Export Goods plus an array of Business Opportunities.


Deal Direct Group's sole purpose is to MATCH/INTRODUCE Principal parties to facilitate a transaction. 

We introduce transactions in safe global market-places. We NEVER deal in financial market or real estate transactions in New Zealand, for which licences are required.

The best methods of conducting these introductions has taken many years to develop and to perfect the correct mechanism. The result is Deal Direct Group.

We first place offers and requests procedures and pricing, which come across our desk, mainly from long time associates.

Especially from unknown parties, we require our Due Diligence Forms above to be completed. If not then the Offer or Request may go no further.

Before getting off first base price and procedures have to be agreeable to both parties and that is why these are posted in Offers & Requests.

Once we have a match and agreement then we will undertake further due diligence and look to facilitate a document package from the appropriate Principal to enable a transaction to proceed to compliance.

Transactions are notoriously difficult to close as there so many parts which have to come together, as well as attitude of introducing and Principal parties. Our due diligence forms are an important part of qualifying clients and we can then see if there is a match.

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