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Deal Direct Offers and Requests

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Provider MOVES FIRST!!

SBLC Offer Available from a Mandate with whom we deal directly.

Contact for more info.

The Receiver submits duly signed LOI on Letterhead with full Banking Coordinate with below compliance documents including:

1.1 Letter of Intent/Contract (LOI)

1.2 Client Information Sheet (CIS)

1.3 Corporate Resolution (CR)

1.4 Non-Solicitation Statement (NS)

1.5 Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCND)

1.6 Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA)

1.7 Receiver Signatory and Color Copy of Passport

1.8 Receiver Certificate of Incorporation (COI)

Provider countersigns the LOI. The Signed LOI becomes a legally binding Commercial Contract (Deed Of Agreement) between the parties. Both parties shall lodge the agreement in their respective banks.

Within Three (3) Banking days after the agreement has been signed, the Provider’s bank shall issue Pre-Advice (Appendix A) via Swift MT799 to the Receiver’s Bank confirmed by Swift MT 799 and send a copy to Receiver’s E-mail together with the (i) BANK APPROVED APPLICATION FORM & (ii) ISSUING RECEIPT FOR BANK HANDLING CHARGES/FEES PAID TO THE BANK for tracking purposes.

Upon receiving the MT799 Pre-Advice by receiving Bank, within Three (3) Banking days the Receiver’s Bank shall issue Bank Payment Undertaking (BPU) via MT 799 for the cost of the instrument (xx%) as per (Appendix B).

Within Three (3) days after Provider’s Banks receive and authenticate Bank Payment Undertaking via MT799, Provider’s bank shall issue MT 760 as per (Appendix C) to Receiver’s Bank coordinate and send a copy to Receiver’s E-mail.

Within Three (3) banking days upon successful verification and authentication of the MT760, the Receiver’s Bank shall issue a Total Payment of fee of xx% as per this agreement by T/T payment to Provider’s designated accounts and send a copy to the Provider email. 2% Commissions shall be disbursed in accordance with the IMFPA stated in this agreement.

Ref: XDDMHWA110124


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